Elementary Athletics

Elementary Girls' Basketball

The elementary volleyball season is October - November.



Elementary Volleyball

The elementary volleyball season is August-October.

5th grade team

6th grade team

Elementary Football

Elementary Tackle Football is offered through the Wahp-Breck Parks and Rec in Wahpeton, ND. This program offers students from Richland Elementary the opportunity to learn skills and gain game experience before entering the JH level as a Colt.

W-B Football players from Richland

Elementary Boys' Basketball

The elementary boys basketball season is February- April.

Athletic Director

Activities Director

Spencer Timm, Richland 44 Activities Director, has a strong background in injury care, prevention, rehabilitation, health promotion, and wellness. Mr. Timm has an enduring passion for continuous education and has intentionally engaged in various work experiences for a well-rounded scope of education.

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