Richland #44 is a one-to-one school. All students in grades K-12 have a personal learning device.  

*Grades K-2 use Kindles.

*Students in grades 3-6 use iPads in the classroom and may be asked to take the devices home from time to time.
*Students in grades 7-12 also use iPads and will likely take these devices home nightly but will be required to have with them at school every day.

Technology Quick Links:

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Mardee Leinen

Technology Department

District Technologist: Mardee Leinen

Who keeps this school up and running? Your amazing Technology Coordinator, Mardee Leinen!

Whether it is setting-up new iPads for the entire school, or arranging for live-streaming of athletic events, Mardee facilitates the effective use of computers and other technology in instructional programs district-wide.  Along with her day to day tasks, Mardee is instrumental in the development of short- and long-range plans for the integration of technology into Richland classrooms (both in-person and virtual).

If you are having issues logging into one of our many new systems, or if a staff member or student is having problems with one of the district issued devices, Mardee will help you get back on track