Bus Bids: Richland #44 is currently accepting bids for a 2022 year or newer 65 passenger bus as well as a 2022 year or newer 14 passenger mini bus. For more information on both, click the links below.


Bus Policies

Riding a different bus or changing a location – We provide transportation to and from students’ homes or daycares; students cannot ride to different locations or on a different bus. On rare occasions exceptions can be made but this must be pre-approved by administration. If a request is made for a student to go to another student’s home, we may permit up to one friend.

Changes to your child’s bus plans – If you need to change your child’s bus plan for the day, follow these procedures:

  • Changes to AM route: Text the driver by 6:45am (preferably not in the middle of the night)

  • Changes to PM route: Call the school by 2pm. Our drivers are not necessarily checking phones throughout the day, and even if so, there are sometimes many changes that can be a lot to keep track of. Our office can streamline, organize, and communicate all changes to bus drivers before the PM route.

Winter Weather - Temperatures dropped today, and we had students on the bus without warm weather gear. All students being transported by school transportation shall be properly dressed to protect them from the extreme weather conditions.  This precaution is necessary so that the students will be prepared for any mishaps that may expose them to inclement weather.  Proper clothing includes protective head covering, winter coat or jacket, mittens or gloves, and footgear. 

Bus Rules:

  1. Be respectful to the bus driver and fellow students

  2. Keep the bus clean

  3. Follow the bus driver’s instructions

  4. Stay in your assigned seat

  5. Keep head, hands, and feet inside the bus

kids on bus

Transportation Statement

Student transportation is an important service that we value and continue to make a priority.  Nationally and regionally the school transportation situation is becoming challenging. School districts around the country are struggling to have enough bus drivers to provide transportation to all children. In February, the federal law for obtaining a CDL and school bus endorsement became more rigorous in terms of training requirements. This means that finding future bus drivers and sub drivers will be difficult.

Consequently, bus service as we have known it is also not a guarantee. Our goal is that all families will have bus transportation as they have known it and at this point, they will. We hope it remains this way but want you all to know now the challenge our school district is facing like all others, and the impact this could have on families.  There may be days or circumstances that limit bus service for students.  If this happens, information will be communicated to those affected to allow families to make arrangements.